What is this? Want to try it?

If you want to find out what this strange looking fruit is and what it tastes like as well as enjoy other sights and sounds of The Gambia and say “see you later” before I return please drop by anytime between 10am-2pm West Cabarrus Church Pavilion 7655 Bruton Smith Blvd. Concord, NC (turn at theContinue reading “What is this? Want to try it?”

“Critical Error”

Anyone else cringe when they see something like that come up on their computer screen!!! Yep, last week I was hit with a “critical error” on my computer and what I had thought would be a quick and easy fix did not end up that way. As I went through the stress of not havingContinue reading ““Critical Error””

Drop Offs and Pop ins

As many of you know I have had the tremendous blessing of living in missionary housing at my church during my time in the US. Having a safe, comfortable, beautiful place to call my temporary home while on furlough has been amazing. One of the added benefits is that my church family knows exactly whereContinue reading “Drop Offs and Pop ins”

Last Day on the Road

As you read this myself and my trusty car (should have given her a name) are hopefully on the last day of driving our long cross country journey from North Carolina to California and back again.  I appreciate your prayers for safety on this final day and thought you would enjoy some stats from theContinue reading “Last Day on the Road”

God of Creation

As I continue my travels throughout the US I am amazed by The God who created all of this beauty and diversity. I have always loved nature, but after becoming a believer and learning about God who created the heavens and earth, mountains and sea as well as all creatures great and small everything becameContinue reading “God of Creation”

Windshield Time with God

I am on the road and enjoying time with Ministry partners, friends and family as well as a little bit of sight seeing and a lot of “windshield time” with God. The long driving days provide hours of quiet for prayer and conversations with God which is wonderful. I have also been able to listenContinue reading “Windshield Time with God”