Windshield Time with God

I am on the road and enjoying time with Ministry partners, friends and family as well as a little bit of sight seeing and a lot of “windshield time” with God. The long driving days provide hours of quiet for prayer and conversations with God which is wonderful. I have also been able to listen to Scripture, Sermons, Podcasts, Worship music and Audible books which has been very encouraging. I just wrapped up day #5 of about 30 days that I will be on the road. I have completed over 1600 miles so far and have a few fun observations to share:

  • Atlanta traffic stinks, throw in a thunder storm and lots of wrecks and it is downright painful
  • The roads in Mississippi definitely could use some work
  • The roads in Texas are pretty nice, especially when the speed limit is 80
  • I love the convenience of Waze and Google Maps, they were an extra special help in finding a windshield repair place less than 10 minutes after a rock chipped my windshield and it was repaired 1 1/2 hours after it occurred
  • It is hotter and more humid in Mississippi and Louisiana in June than in West Africa
  • Road kill comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes (praise God I have not hit anything, but have seen much on the side of the road) including huge alligators, bigger black bears and even bigger cows and more

For those across the US, my return route is still flexible and I would love to see many of you. Let me know if you are interested in connecting in person and where you are at and hopefully our paths can cross.

One thought on “Windshield Time with God

  1. Good to hear from you!! Praying for extra special blessings along the way, and that HE will be your “tour guide”…and meet your every need! Safe travels! ❤️ P.S. Let me know if any specific prayer requests you have!


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