Family Time

For almost 25 years (wow, I am getting old) I have lived at least a couple thousand miles away from my family in California and that means you miss out on some celebrations and special times together. Living in The Gambia makes that even more difficult and there are times when it is really hard being so far away, but God provides comfort and peace as well as new and fun ways to celebrate. I am very thankful that the last two weeks God allowed me to spend some great time with my family. He worked it out so that I could spend a couple of nights and have some great meals and conversations with my Southern California family, spend Fathers Day (the actual day) with my Dad AND celebrate “Christmas” with my cousins, aunts and other extended family (we celebrated Junemas on June 26th thanks to covid). It was a time of fun, smiles, good conversations, doing normal life together, great food, Christmas trees in June, hugs and much love all around. Wow, what a beautiful way to begin wrapping up my time in the US.

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