The Gambia

Welcome to The Gambia, West Africa

The Gambia is a small West African country that makes up little more area than the banks surrounding the Gambia River. The Gambia is almost completely surrounded by Senegal except for its small Atlantic coastline to which the Gambia River flows.

About 90% of the Gambia’s two million people are Muslim. There are small numbers of Roman Catholics and Protestants, and an even smaller number of evangelical believers making up less than one percent of the population. It is understood that Islam and Christianity are commonly syncretized with African traditional religions.

Even though the official language of the Gambia is English, evangelism must be done in the local language in order for it to be effective. The Wolof people group are predominant in the Gambia’s capital city, Banjul, making Wolof speakers widespread throughout the country and a particular focus of the ABWE ministry team. Some Wolof Muslims have come to faith in Jesus Christ, and many others are hearing God’s word on a regular basis.

Located on the North Bank of The Gambia river in the rural village of Ndungu Kebbeh, is the Ndungu Kebbeh Health Centre. This clinic has served the people of Ndungu Kebbeh and the surrounding communities for over 35 years by providing quality healthcare, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and prayer in the name of Jesus.

Services include:

  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Antenatal and Infant Welfare Clinics in conjunction with the local government run health post
  • Minor surgical procedures including laceration repair, I&D (some extensive involving hands), limited orthopedic care, foreign body removal, eye procedures
  • Laboratory tests including hematocrit (PVC), malaria smear (thin and thick films), Rapid Malaria Detection tests, vaginal/urethral smears, urinalysis (dipstick and microscopic examination), and blood glucose
  • Obstetrical procedures including uncomplicated vaginal delivery, episiotomy repair, evaluation of simple post-partum hemorrhage
  • Emergency ambulance transport.

In 2019, there were over 9,000 outpatient visits, and each person had the opportunity to hear the gospel and/or receive prayer in the name of Jesus.

The clinic is staffed by ABWE Registered Nurses, Certified Family Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants serving alongside Gambian national treaters and ancillary staff. For more information about The Ndungu Kebbeh Health Centre and ways to serve or partner with the ministry click here

Just some facts


The population of The Gambia is 2.34 million. In recent years the Urban population has greatly increased as many are moving from their rural village homes in search of employment. 60% of the population are under the age of 25.

Unreached Population

Many of the people groups within The Gambia are considered unreached with very little if any evangelical presence. Less than 1% of the population are evangelical Christians. There is no significant indigenous church leadership.


The Gambia is a Muslim country with 90% of the people following Islam. Less than 1% of the population are evangelical Christians. However, freedom of religion is guaranteed by The Gambian constitution and Gambians are interested and open to discussing biblical truths.

Why the Gambia?

The need for more Christian workers in The Gambia is great. Many are open and asking to study God’s word, but the workers are very few and far apart.

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