Video update #2, how can you help?

If you missed it, make sure to watch the first video for information on the new directions the Lord is leading us. Thank you for praying for The Gambia ministry and for your partnership in sharing the gospel to the people of The Gambia and beyond. As we are entering this new season and newContinue reading “Video update #2, how can you help?”

What God has been doing, is doing and where we see Him moving in The Gambia

I have now been in the US for a month and after a time of rest and refilling I am spending a lot of time re-connecting with my church family and many of you in North Carolina. Thank you all for your prayers. This last season has been difficult, but I believe that there isContinue reading “What God has been doing, is doing and where we see Him moving in The Gambia”


I have used the word transition hundreds of times over the last few weeks. Our teammate Deb Newsome who served in The Gambia for many years transitioned to be with the Lord in heaven this past week after a long battle with cancer. Praise God for many gospel opportunities as we shared with her GambianContinue reading “Transition”

All hands on deck

Praise God, we have lots of workers who help out here on our large property. We had to call most of them in to action to respond to a true WAWA (West Africa Wins Again) situation. It was definitely all hands on deck to help. It all started when one of the house workers justContinue reading “All hands on deck”


Any of you out there still do manual inventories or at least remember how challenging they can be? This week the big “to-do” was a manual inventory of EVERYTHING in the clinic. Praise God, I had a teammate and her teen daughter come help. When I say everything, I really do mean that. I don’tContinue reading “Inventory”

This is missionary life

Sometimes I chuckle that this is actually my day to day life.  I thank God for all of the opportunities and the relationships to share His good news and to shine the light of Christ in this dark place.  If you have been reading along you have heard all of the to-do’s that have beenContinue reading “This is missionary life”


As I sat trying to think of a theme or a word that summed up the last few weeks of life and ministry here in The Gambia, “industrious” seemed the most appropriate.  It has been a very busy few weeks with lots going on. Praise God, I did have some helpers here.  Things are inContinue reading “Industrious”