Seeking God Continuously, even in the WAWA moments

I am going to try and paint a picture for you of my recent shopping day (yes, this all happened in just one day).  If you make it to the end you will likely be tired of reading and I hope you get a glimpse into shopping in West Africa, but also how God isContinue reading “Seeking God Continuously, even in the WAWA moments”


Living in West Africa has brought an entirely new definition to the word “dirty”. Within days almost anything can be covered with what seems like inches of dirt, gecko poop, mice droppings, ants, roaches and who knows what else. There is a reason I pay someone to clean my house everyday. As we prepare forContinue reading “Dirt”

Here we go again, the wimpy tubaab is at it again

Some of you asked for a video of me wrestling the bed cover. I really was hoping I would not need to change it anytime soon, but God had other plans so here you go (I made it double speed for you)! Just when I think my life might be hard I am reminded yetContinue reading “Here we go again, the wimpy tubaab is at it again”

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Ok, not really these animals but it felt like it and I found myself singing this out loud as I tried to enjoy a quiet early morning time with the Lord.  One of my favorite things since moving to The Gambia is to get up early and go sit in my backyard rocking chair underContinue reading “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”

Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 1: Cooking

I have always known The Gambians, especially the women were tough but after living in a village with them and experiencing more of their life I truly do not know how they do it.  I am definitely a wimpy tubaab as they reminded me on a regular basis while they were bringing me chairs toContinue reading “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 1: Cooking”

Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 2: Parties

The Gambian women work hard, but they also love a good celebration.  Living in the village this wimpy tubaab had the opportunity to spend the entire day at several events and attempt to party like a Gambian.  The ladies all outlasted me and I did a lot of sitting while they danced and worked.  TheContinue reading “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 2: Parties”

Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 3: Selling

 A big part of this month of a village experience was to have many new adventures.  On my daily visits, I met a woman who actually recognized me from my village as she comes to our market on some Saturdays and sells lettuce and my teammate who I shop with at that market loves lettuce. Continue reading “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 3: Selling”

Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 4: Farming

As I have mentioned, The Gambian women work hard and many of them in the village I resided for the past month had a garden and/or a farm in addition to working on their compounds or outside the home.  Now, the men will work the farms also as they are larger and definitely require moreContinue reading “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 4: Farming”