Anyone else a “planner” and struggling a little (or a lot) with that lately? I know God is in control, I know His plans are so much greater and better than anything I can even think of, but I also know He made me this way. So, I strive to pray a lot, submit my plans to the Lord and to hold my plans very, very, very loosely. Him moving me to West Africa, a place where there is little adherence to any sort of plans and any thought of a plan changes usually within the first few minutes of the day and then Him bringing me to the US during Covid with all of it’s changes and challenges sure does help me to lessen my “planning”.

However, in the hopes that I will be able to return to The Gambia in late August (pending financial clearance and covid travel restrictions being loosened) I am moving forward with some tentative, loosely held, prayerful “plans” for the next few months. As I type this I am sitting in Starbucks with my coffee, water, laptop, phone and day planner all crammed on this tiny table. Yes, with all the travel and plans I am going old school with a large day planner, and for those that are too young to remember what that is check out the picture although mine is much fatter and messier. I am starting off my plans with a drive to California this week, so I would appreciate your prayers for travel safety. My “plans” for the trip are still flexible, so if you are interested in trying to connect in person while I am on the road wherever you may be let me know as I might be able to come your way. For those in North Carolina, don’t forget to “plan” to attend a Gambian Tea and Juice party at West Cabarrus Church Saturday, August 7th 10am – 2pm.

2 thoughts on ““Planning”

  1. It will be exciting to see what twists, turns and surprises that God has planned as you journey w Him these next few weeks!!! We’ll be praying for your adventure…that the Father will give you safety and meet your every need!!! 💖💖💖

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