Last Day on the Road

As you read this myself and my trusty car (should have given her a name) are hopefully on the last day of driving our long cross country journey from North Carolina to California and back again.  I appreciate your prayers for safety on this final day and thought you would enjoy some stats from the trip:

  • Over 7,600 miles covered
  • Average of 44+ miles per gallon (this car is amazing and it will be for sale the end of August, message me if you are interested)
  • 20 states visited
  • Numerous wonderful visits with friends, family, ministry partners and new acquaintances across the US (including two visits where I was the first guest in people’s new homes)
  • 11 hotel rooms
  • Only 2 thunderstorms on the first and almost the last day
  • 21 days of driving, 34 days out of town
  • Many hours of prayer, podcasts, sermons, beautiful scenery and great worship music
  • Lots of fun stops at hole in the wall museums, local restaurants and road side attractions

I admit I am tired and if you see me walking over the next few days you will understand why because I am a bit tired of being in the car.  I had a great time, but I am glad to be back and sleeping in the same bed until I return to The Gambia August 30th

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