On a regular basis here and in The Gambia I get asked where is “home” or where I came from? Well, that is a really good question with many answers…. I call my US home base North Carolina, I was born and raised in California, the closest thing I have to a home dwelling / house is in The Gambia. But, where is my home? The short answer is that my eternal home is not this world, but in heaven with my loving Father God. Temporarily I am on this earth and making a home wherever He chooses to place me. A huge part of my heart is in The Gambia right now, but I am also embracing where He has me. So, that means I am really good at traveling with pretty much everything I could need and I am grateful my car has a large trunk since it is full of not just clothing but food, a coffee machine, books and other essentials. That also means that I am really good at setting up a workspace wherever I happen to be at and I have truly been blessed by some beautiful places to temporarily work from. Recently I was at ABWE headquarters and I had a day in between meetings to catch up on lots of computer work in this gorgeous setting that was so welcoming and full of peace, calm, love, beauty and the presence of God. A special thanks to my ABWE family who always makes me feel at home and the wonderful guesthouse staff who made my time there extra special.

As I was working and praying about this blog post the song “Home” by Chris Tomlin played in the background as a beautiful reminder of where my home is.

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