“Critical Error”

Anyone else cringe when they see something like that come up on their computer screen!!! Yep, last week I was hit with a “critical error” on my computer and what I had thought would be a quick and easy fix did not end up that way. As I went through the stress of not having a computer, not knowing if it would be fixable, not knowing about my data, not knowing how much this would cost or where the funds would come from and much more I found myself personally reacting with “critical errors” (definitely more than one). I humbly and publicly admit I was not kind to those trying to help, I was definitely not patient, I grumbled plenty and I let this set back impact my entire attitude and days. Many times during this process it looked like there might not be a fix and I admit I really let that get to me. BUT God made me slow down, take a deep breath and guided me to some answers. In the midst of all the craziness, my errors in reacting and my forgetting His provision He opened doors for even more opportunities to share about The Gambia ministry and reminded me of what was important. Praise God I have a functional computer right now, but I praise God even more for patiently loving me when I make critical errors and do not respond in a Christlike fashion.

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