Waxtaan: Chanting in Wolof

The Wolof like to sit around, visit others and chat which is great for someone trying to learn the language.  My chatting vocabulary is still very limited and a friend asked me the other day what exactly we talk about.  Well, life here in rural West Africa revolves around family and the farm and/or gardenContinue reading “Waxtaan: Chanting in Wolof”

Gambian Road Trip: Getting Home

Some of you have heard me mention the challenging ferry situation here.  The Gambia is a very interesting country, completely bisected by The Gambia River.  I live on the North Bank side of the river and the city with groceries, etc is on the South Bank side of the river.  Despite this river being almostContinue reading “Gambian Road Trip: Getting Home”

Spring Cleaning and Christmas Decorating

It is a holiday here and much of the country has traveled to Senegal for a celebration of the birthday of Mohammed.  So, that means it is pretty quiet around our compound.  When it is quiet you have to take advantage of it.  For me, today started as a day to do my Christmas decoratingContinue reading “Spring Cleaning and Christmas Decorating”