Home Sweet Home

From the moment I first set foot on this compound two years ago it felt like home and now it really does.  I have finished unpacking my 20ft shipping container from the US.  I do feel like a spoiled Tubaab (white person), but I know that all this shiny new stuff will become dirty and old very fast here in Africa and these “comforts of home” will make staying here for many years to come much easier.  Remember, we don’t have Walmart, Target or Amazon prime so this was my one chance to get anything I needed, might need or just wanted into my home.  I am heading into the city with better internet later this week and hope to post a little video tour for those that are interested.  Finishing the unpacking was a little bittersweet, if I had a new home in the states the first thing I would have done once the unpacking was complete would be to invite the gang over.  Well, I love how God works everything out.  I was visiting a compound in the village this week and the ladies there were asking me if my unpacking was finished.  They asked if they could come visit me and my “new” house (the house is very old, the stuff is very new) and of course I emphatically replied “Wow” (this means yes in Wolof).    So, today my house was open for company.  Jaxo and Binta my helpers came early to make two cakes and then three ladies from the village and some of their children came to chat, see my house, drink tea and milk, eat cake and just enjoy a good time together with lots of laughter.  A great way to break in this new house that I believe the Lord will use as a safe place to share His word to those around me.  I am so thankful to God for His abundant provision in this home and for all of you who are partners in this ministry.  

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