The Village Experience

Yes, I survived the month

Hello everyone, I am back on the grid and easing into the busyness of the life I put aside for the last month.  I have completed a month of living with a Gambian family in another village and I am currently in the city getting some rest (and a nice shower) before heading back to my home.  This last month was a great opportunity to immerse myself in language.   I spoke very little English and even did my bible reading and studies in Wolof.  I met many new friends and had many new experiences that I would not have done in my village.  However, this month was also very difficult for me emotionally.  I did better than expected with the living circumstances (no water, current, toilet, etc), but I struggled with culture shock and figuring out where / how I fit in.  There was lots of time spent sitting and observing others even if they did not speak the Wolof language that I am learning (there were many other African languages spoken in this village).  Be on the lookout via Facebook or my blog for “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab” for lots of good stories and observations.  

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