One Year

A newsletter will be coming out tomorrow which marks one year since I arrived in The Gambia (today marks one year since I left the US).  I thought I would share a brief list of some likes and dislikes of my new country and lifestyle (this is by no means all inclusive)


  • The amazing sunrises from my backyard.
  • The slower pace and focus on people and relationships. 
  • The time with God and how my relationship with Him has grown.
  • Facebook and email chats with friends
  • The amount of time I get to read
  • My morning coffee (so glad I brought this from the US)
  • 12 volt fans
  • Solar refrigerator and freezer


  • The ferry and travel into the city (it is not that I actually dislike the ferry, I dislike how long the process takes)
  • Slow and unreliable internet.
  • The slower pace and focus on people (yes, this is listed in both columns;  sometimes you just want to get the job done)
  • A lack of a church family
  • The heat
  • All sorts of “critters” including snakes, scorpions, spiders, lizards, ants and much more.
  • Communication struggles, I want to be able to go deeper with people.

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