Gambia vs. The United States

No, this is not a post about The Gambia battling it out with the United States but a post on the differences in shopping.  Having just returned to The Gambia from my quick trip to the US an extensive grocery trip was a necessity although I admit I brought a lot of stuff back withContinue reading “Gambia vs. The United States”

Did You Know There Is a City Here??

I realized that most of my blog posts and pictures are from the rural area where I serve, but do you know that there is a city and urban area here in The Gambia?  There is a huge opportunity for ministry in this urban area where the vast majority of the country resides and weContinue reading “Did You Know There Is a City Here??”

It’s Fall Y’all

The seasons do change here in The Gambia, but we only have two; Rainy Season and Not Rainy Season.  Late October and November are the much needed welcome to our dry season (aka not rainy season).  This means that most days the humidity is low and the sweating is much less; we have cool/crisp morningsContinue reading “It’s Fall Y’all”