Living in West Africa has brought an entirely new definition to the word “dirty”. Within days almost anything can be covered with what seems like inches of dirt, gecko poop, mice droppings, ants, roaches and who knows what else. There is a reason I pay someone to clean my house everyday.

As we prepare for the upcoming clinic closure I have spent many hours sorting through 30+ years of “stuff”, much of which has not been cleaned in that long. Ick!! And in case you were wondering fabric, elastic, plastic, rubber and almost all other materials disintegrate after 30+ years in this heat.

The only way of disposing of trash is to burn it and I have an entire room full of stuff ready to light. I am waiting for the rain to lessen and some helpers to come enjoy the huge bonfire we will have. Praise God a friend here did haul off some of the big metal items for me, otherwise we would have been digging big holes and burying stuff.

Pray for physical strength and stamina as I still have a lot more sorting and cleaning and not much time. Pray for the clinic closure and for me to leave this ministry well. And, pray for potential future partnerships and upcoming meetings

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