God’s Promises

Many things are going on right now in our ministry. The planner in me has been struggling, up until a week ago LOTS of things were completely up in the air. It felt like nothing was coming together and there were about 50 balls spinning over my head. Yes, I know and trust God is in control and His way has been clear. However, it has been hard to surrender my desires, my agenda, my time frame and much more. Sometimes I even have to re-surrender those things hourly. And then, just a few days ago, in God’s perfect timing everything started coming together. Things are definitely moving now although there are still many challenges to work through, so keep us in prayer.

This week as I walked to the clinic to start a busy day with a very long to do list, God caused me to look up and see this beautiful reminder. The reminder that He is the covenant keeping God, that He keeps His promises and that He is working all things for His glory and good.

Friday, October 28th will be a day full of meetings with important members of the community and government. Please pray for our meetings, the conversations and decisions. Most importantly, pray that the light of Christ would shine through us, just like this beautiful rainbow.

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