Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 3: Selling

 A big part of this month of a village experience was to have many new adventures.  On my daily visits, I met a woman who actually recognized me from my village as she comes to our market on some Saturdays and sells lettuce and my teammate who I shop with at that market loves lettuce. Continue reading “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 3: Selling”

Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 4: Farming

As I have mentioned, The Gambian women work hard and many of them in the village I resided for the past month had a garden and/or a farm in addition to working on their compounds or outside the home.  Now, the men will work the farms also as they are larger and definitely require moreContinue reading “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 4: Farming”

Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 5: The Art of Sitting

If you haven’t noticed a theme through my prior posts is that the wimpy tubaab is sitting while the Gambian women are working.  The Wolof enjoy what we Americans would call “stating the obvious”.  So, dozens of times each day someone would come up to me while I was sitting at a compound and sayContinue reading “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab Volume 5: The Art of Sitting”

Anything That Walks In the Door…

When people ask me what kind of patients and problems we see at our rural medical clinic my reply is usually that we see “anything that walks in the door”.  Well, this week has been an interesting one in the clinic and I was reminded that my statement isn’t always true.  We see anyone thatContinue reading “Anything That Walks In the Door…”

Always an Adventure

Life here in The Gambia is certainly never boring and always an adventure.  The last few days have been full of some interesting, challenging and stressful experiences.  This morning I finally have time to take a deep breath, reflect a little, praise God for all He does and to share with you some of theContinue reading “Always an Adventure”