As I prepare to return to The Gambia at the end of July I am soaking up as much time with the Lord as possible. To produce good fruit in life and in ministry we must be full to overflowing with the love of Christ. God has brought some wonderful reminders of that in to my life lately and He has given me opportunities to soak up his love. Just in the last few weeks, I have had great conversations and prayer times with friends who understand ministry life, I have had small groups come alongside of me in this journey and pray over me and I have had opportunities to soak in great teachings and worship. And, the cherry on the top (actually the raspberry, strawberry and peach) was a friend who used to serve overseas bringing me the gift of beautiful and sweet fresh fruit. She truly knows the way to an overseas workers heart!

For those that want to help provide for some personal items that I would like to take back to The Gambia check out my amazon wishlist.

And save the date for a Gambia Experience Tea and Juice gathering Saturday, June 3rd 9am-noon (drop in) at West Cabarrus Church Pavilion.

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