New Life

I cannot believe it has been a month since my last blog post, sorry. The last month has been full of travel, trainings and time with the Lord. This week as I looked at my calendar I was tired and needed to slow down and rest with God. What better time to take a deep breath and soak in Scripture and God’s creation than Holy Week. I hope you enjoy this beautiful song we sang at our church recently about God’s Simple Kingdom.

Spring has sprung in North Carolina and the trees, flowers and grass (that our maintenance guy is beautifying for Easter as I type this) are gorgeous and full of color and new life. I have spent hours this week reflecting on the last days before the death and resurrection of Jesus and what that means for us. On this week thousands of years ago Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem, towards a terrible suffering and death. He willingly and freely laid down His life for us so that we might have a new life eternal. May we not forget that sacrifice. Today, as we commemorate Maundy Thursday and the new commandment He gave may we LOVE each other as He loved us. And remember “Sunday’s Coming” where we celebrate the victory of our resurrected savior.

If you want to hear more about why we celebrate Easter and what Holy Week means for you and the radical difference Christ can make in your life please reach out.

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