The Amazon packages are coming in, the travel is picking up and soon the packing will begin for my return to The Gambia in late July. The time has flown by and I am looking forward to my return and exploring the open doors for the new ministry that the Lord is providing. I hope you can join me for a Gambia Experience where I can share with each of you a little more about The Gambia ministry and where we see the Lord leading as well as thank you in person for your partnership.

The last few weeks have been busy as God prepares the next steps. I have had several opportunities to share about the ministry and many are praying for the new directions. I have had many trainings via zoom with attendees from all over the world and we have prayed a lot for good internet (makes me feel like I am back in The Gambia already). I was even adventurous (or silly) enough to make an African breakfast for a recent women’s prayer breakfast. The Akara (black eyed pea fritters) may not have looked as pretty as when my Gambian friends (yep, the last picture is my finished product) make them and they were definitely a challenge to make even with “cheating” and buying pre shelled beans plus using a blender and a hand mixer, but they sure did taste good. And, after much hard work and prayer (thanks team and workers) our new ministry vehicle is in The Gambia ready to take the gospel wherever God leads.

For those that want to help provide for some personal items that I would like to take back to The Gambia check out my amazon wishlist.

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