All hands on deck

Praise God, we have lots of workers who help out here on our large property. We had to call most of them in to action to respond to a true WAWA (West Africa Wins Again) situation. It was definitely all hands on deck to help.

It all started when one of the house workers just happened to hear some water running in a vacant house. Now, this worker was only there because my teammate had returned the day prior AND because she had seen a snake in another backyard so went to do laundry somewhere else! She promptly notified the lead maintenance worker who got the house keys from another worker and entered to a major puddle! I was obliviously working at the clinic until I got a phone call. My initial response was to have him call the plumber and tell the plumber to come leegi leegi (now now). After I hung up and since the clinic was slow I figured I should go check it out.

As I approached the house I knew this was bad. There was a small waterfall coming out the front door. They had turned off the water before I arrived, but all of the wood and straw furniture was sitting in an inch of water. So, I called all hands on deck and maintenance guys appeared to haul the furniture outside, a houseworker arrived to mop up the water and the plumber showed up, woohoo! At that point I went back to the clinic leaving things in more than capable hands and being super grateful the leak was heard (a nylon pipe split in two) and for all of our amazing workers, a couple of whom came back after hours later that day to fix a solar issue. Not a total WAWA experience because we banded together and did not let West Africa win.

Although it has been a little lonely here the last few months, I am definitely not alone. We have 2 more weeks until the clinic transition and it is all hands on deck for myself, my team and our new partners at Omega. Next week I will have another teammate here with the interim director from Omega, almost a full compound! Thanks to all who are helping and praying.

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