Anything That Walks In the Door…

When people ask me what kind of patients and problems we see at our rural medical clinic my reply is usually that we see “anything that walks in the door”.  Well, this week has been an interesting one in the clinic and I was reminded that my statement isn’t always true.  We see anyone thatContinue reading “Anything That Walks In the Door…”

Always an Adventure

Life here in The Gambia is certainly never boring and always an adventure.  The last few days have been full of some interesting, challenging and stressful experiences.  This morning I finally have time to take a deep breath, reflect a little, praise God for all He does and to share with you some of theContinue reading “Always an Adventure”

Gambia vs. The United States

No, this is not a post about The Gambia battling it out with the United States but a post on the differences in shopping.  Having just returned to The Gambia from my quick trip to the US an extensive grocery trip was a necessity although I admit I brought a lot of stuff back withContinue reading “Gambia vs. The United States”