Survival Phrases and Greetings

Language learning is moving full speed ahead.  I spend two hours each morning with a Wolof language helper and then several hours each afternoon visiting very patient and understanding village women practicing what I am learning.  I also provide much comic entertainment for them.  Of course we started with greetings.  The Wolof have a veryContinue reading “Survival Phrases and Greetings”

Language Learning

I really am enjoying language learning via the LAMP method (Language Acquisition Made Practical).  I provide endless entertainment to the village women when I go to practice each afternoon and they have even asked me to “help” with some daily tasks.  I think they like to laugh at the tubaab (white person) trying to shellContinue reading “Language Learning”

This is What It’s All About

Yesterday, baking cookies and enjoying time with two precious girls from the village was amazing.  We managed to not make as big a mess as I thought we would and there were no fires (some of you know my cooking reputation).  They were great helpers and we made almost 100 sugar cookies.  As I watchedContinue reading “This is What It’s All About”