I continue to work hard at learning the Wolof language.  The village ladies are wonderful teachers and they definitely keep it fun and interesting.  Friday, I was visiting with a group of women and told them I was going home.  In America saying you were going home would be adequate, but not here.  They responded, why are you going home? I replied I was going home to cook dinner and of course that wasn’t enough information.  What are you cooking? Hmmm, how do you describe pizza………  Well, they have bread here and I know the word for bread so i said bread.  But their bread is like a baguette, so I used my charades to flatten the bread.  They have tomato paste and I knew how to say that so that was close enough to sauce.  The pizza had ground beef and onions, I knew those words.  Cheese was the problem and what is pizza without cheese.  Now remember, they don’t have electricity which means they don’t have refrigerators, which means they don’t have cheese and most have never seen or tasted it.  I told them it was made from milk (I know that word) and I bought it in the city.  One girl might have known what it was as she used to live in the city.  Can you imagine life without cheese?  Then I tried to explain I bake it; ummm they don’t have ovens….  All in all, it was a really good language learning experience and the pizza was good.  Friday nights, like in the states are Pizza nights.  Our team gets together for a relaxing time of fellowship.  Praise God pizza night is back on as one of the team members who has been sick is much better.  Thank you for the prayers and keep them up, we still have some struggling with health issues.

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