Language Learning

I really am enjoying language learning via the LAMP method (Language Acquisition Made Practical).  I provide endless entertainment to the village women when I go to practice each afternoon and they have even asked me to “help” with some daily tasks.  I think they like to laugh at the tubaab (white person) trying to shell peanuts, grind peanuts, get water from the well, push the water cart and cut wood (trying to upload the wood cutting picture for you, if it is sideways sorry it won’t let me flip it).  The traditional Wolof language has incorporated a lot of English words to describe new technologies, new foods and new colors.  Two really fun words I have recently learned are “chewing gum” which means the color pink and “yuuxu” (pronounced yoohoo) for calling out to someone.  So, the next time you see the color pink think of chewing gum and the next time you shout yoohoo remember I may be doing the same here in The Gambia.  

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