One Month

I have been in The Gambia officially for one month.  In many ways it feels like I have been here forever and in many ways it feels like I just got on all those flights to get here.  It felt like home when I came in 2014; I didn’t want to leave then and it still feels like home and I don’t ever want to leave now (of course I still want to come back and visit all of you).  I am getting settled in to life here.  It has taken a little work to embrace the lifestyle of greetings, slowness, interruptions and the fact that it takes me an hour in the morning to make breakfast, coffee and do the dishes but I am getting the hang of all of this.  This first month has been full of a lot of first’s:

  • first time having to go to 5 or 6 grocery stores to buy food for six weeks (I still have food left, so I planned ok)
  • first time spider issues (two have let loose their babies at me) and yes I have already gone through one bottle of bug killer
  • first time walking into the village by myself and going up to people to greet them and ask them to help me learn Wolof
  • first time in a full cumple (Gambian outfit) and learning how to wear it as well as tie the head scarf and then tell the ladies in the village that I tied the scarf, who made the dress, where I bought the material and how much all of it cost
  • first experience of Muslim New Year’s celebration
  • first time having a prayer meeting under the beautiful African sky
  • first time meeting some very special people on our team with a heart for the Lord and this country
  • first time meeting some beautiful people in this village who need the Lord

And many, many more firsts. 

I want to say thank you to each of you.  You are all a part of this journey and I hope you enjoy the blog updates.  

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