Always learning

Isn’t there some expression that you should learn something new every day? Well, when you live overseas and are a missionary wearing many different hats you learn 10-100 new things each and every day (and most of it in a different language.) This week has been all about water, septic, plumbing and much more that honestly I would be thrilled if I never had to think about. However, if I want running water and a toilet then I guess it is time to learn. I will say it was actually pretty interesting watching them dig the new well and seeing their amazing skill and God’s amazing power in how He brings water to the surface. I am so grateful to all of the hard workers making this happen especially as they work in the hot West African sun with no water or food and even spitting out their saliva to try to follow their fasting ritual. Pray for safety for our workers and for them to see the living water of Jesus.

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