I have always been one to try and tackle more than one thing at a time, but multitasking looks a little different here in West Africa.

While trying to finish up the work at the clinic the other day, our cleaner (who is always multitasking) came to work with fresh produce to sell. I mean, who does not come to their fulltime job (cleaning) with their part time job (selling produce) on their head. It did mean I got some nice cucumbers and did not have to go anywhere to find them.

Even as I am writing this post I am multitasking. I am waiting to pick up a teammate from the ferry and sitting in my car shopping (so far I have purchased mandarines, cell phone credit and potatoes) and typing as I wait also.

However, God uses the multitasking and opens doors that we might not have seen otherwise. While leaving our village this morning I came across a grandma and 4 of her kids going to the town where I was heading. So, of course I gave them a ride. As we drove the 30 minutes to the other town I was able to chat with the woman (whom I had never met before), share a little about God and I prayed for her and her grandchildren. There is no better way I can think of to multitask than praying and sharing.

I pray God gives us all open doors in the multitasking of our busy lives to share His truths and pray with others in the name of Jesus.

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