A family of believers

This past weekend was an amazing time of fellowship, prayer, encouragement and some fun with the family that God has adopted me in to, His church. And, we had several opportunities in several languages to share about Jesus and the invitation to be adopted into His family as well as to show Jesus to those around us.

Many have been praying for DS with the brain tumor, please keep on praying. He is having major brain surgery on Thursday and we are trusting in God’s healing power. He is also having many opportunities to hear the gospel, see Jesus in action and he sure is being lifted up in prayer in the name of Jesus.

This past weekend a few teammates, the wife of DS, his 16 month old daughter and I went on an adventure to Senegal our neighboring country and where DS is in the hospital. It was definitely a long adventure and I cannot even begin to recap the journey that involved immigration issues, many phone calls for assistance, 7+ hour drives in taxis without air conditioning, flat tires, motorcycles crashing into our car and much more! However, even with all of the challenges we were very safe and well taken care of by our Lord and the people He used to get us to Senegal.

After the long journey we were able to see DS in the hospital, meet the amazing doctor God put in our path who is helping him and connect with other members of the family of Christ to encourage and pray with them. We even got a little glimpse of heaven as we surrounded DS and prayed in English, French and Wolof for him in the name of Jesus. The weekend was definitely tiring, but I am so grateful for this opportunity and how God used it. May He use this situation with DS for His glory.

One thought on “A family of believers

  1. I’m so thankful for you and for your “adventure”! I’m praying for DS daily and for his family. I’m also thankful for the encouragement and love you felt being with this wonderful group of people. Love you, Alison!

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