Hurry up and wait

The expression “hurry up and wait” is one I quickly learned when I started my career in medicine and that expression really comes to life when you live in West Africa.

For those praying for DS, his salvation and his surgery please keep it up.  After a rush of activity and things moving very fast he remains in a waiting season for his surgery. The surgery has been postponed and/or bumped by other patients several times (it might happen today, but I am waiting on confirmation). He is still in the hospital in Senegal and ready whenever it is time.

Yesterday I was helping a Gambian employee in the hurry up and wait. After 1 1/2 years of waiting on some paperwork it came through and the government workers wanted him to go to the city the following day! I talked them into crossing the ferry and meeting us on this side. Yesterday morning, the government worker who was crossing on the ferry to help us called me early and said I needed to be at the meeting location with the worker in 15 minutes! Um, it is a 30 minute drive, I was not dressed and had to pick up the worker at his house. So I hurried up and then we waited. We waited over 2 hours and of course as soon as she arrived it was hurry up as she needed to get back on the boat! However, God worked in the waiting and confirmed yet again His timing is perfect. As we were walking to meet the government worker we just “happened” to see another employee who was in a very desperate situation and I was able to stop, encourage him, pray with him and help out a little.

In the hurry up and wait seasons I have learned to trust fully in God as His timing is perfect and to pray in the waiting. I have also learned to always take a second to go to the bathroom in the hurry up and to bring water and a book wherever you go. I have dozens of pictures like the one on this post of me sitting in the car, just waiting for the next hurry up.

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