God’s perfect plans (and how He can use whatsapp)

God has been working in some amazing ways here in The Gambia, make sure to read how He protected the life of a Gambian man last week and this week I want to share with you about how He is going before us and has made a perfect plan for another Gambian man.

DS is a very special young man who has been known to our team all of his life, he was born in our clinic and is family to us. He is in his 30’s now and has had some health issues for the last 6 months or more. Medical care is not the same here in The Gambia, the resources are very limited. I am so thankful for those that work hard to try and care for their people. After seeing multiple doctors and getting lots of different medications DS with the help of his tubaab (white person) family was able to get a CT scan of his brain. This CT scan revealed that he had a large brain mass and praise God we were able to talk to and have the only neurosurgeon in the country review his scans just a few days later. I also thank God for technology because we were able to send these scans to several other doctors around the world (the radiologist asked for my phone and held it up to the computer screen to take a video while he scrolled through the scans and then I have sent it to people via whatsapp)! For those that do not know whatsapp is an international messaging platform and it sure makes life easier when you live in West Africa.

DS was started on some medicines while we tried to figure out the best next steps to determine what kind of tumor this might be and what needed to happen next. There are no MRI machines in our country and advanced brain surgery really cannot be done here so options were limited. For the last 6+ weeks our team has gone with him to doctor appointments, helped him get medications, reached out to many people for help and prayed like crazy for this young man who does not know Jesus. Through it all I have had a total peace. When it felt like nothing was happening, I had a total peace. When he texted because he was frustrated and tired of waiting, I had a total peace. When others were concerned because this tumor was growing and it seemed like we were doing nothing, I had a total peace. Only God can give that kind of peace, I knew He had a different plan than mine and for once I really did not try to make my plan work (or maybe I was just too weary to try since there is a lot going on here right now). I just kept praying and saying, “God where is your open door?”

And then, God flung open a door and all of a sudden things started moving and really fast. Through connections in the US and abroad and God’s amazing family of believers He connected us with a neurosurgery resident doctor in Dakar, Senegal (where we wanted to send DS for treatment) AND this doctor speaks English (in a French speaking country) AND he is a follower of Jesus and brother in Christ. Only God could have orchestrated something like this. I have yet to meet this amazing doctor, but I pray I will soon and I am praying for him. After hearing about DS he has made it his personal mission to help us out and within 48 hours of me connecting with him via whatsapp we have exchanged almost 200 text messages back and forth and DS has an MRI scan scheduled, a CT scan scheduled and an appointment to see this doctor and determine the next steps after the scans for this week (within 5 days of us connecting with this doctor). I am sitting here after typing out some of the logistics for next week to give to DS and I am just in awe of how awesome our God is and what a beautiful and perfect plan He has laid out.

As you read this DS is on a bus on his way to Senegal and a busy week of tests and appointments. I do not know yet what these scans will show or what the next steps will be for DS, but I do know that God loves him and has shown him since the day he was born that he is a very special young man and is loved greatly by his heavenly father. I am trusting God for the outcome and I would ask that you join us in praying for healing for DS and most importantly that through this trial he would come to know Jesus as his savior.

3 thoughts on “God’s perfect plans (and how He can use whatsapp)

  1. Having been one of DS’s “moms” during his first few years, I am so thankful that he is receiving help. We are praying for DS, all who are involved in arranging help, all involved in his care, and especially his relationship with God!

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