God ordained

Yesterday was one of those days where God had clearly laid out the “plans” and I was along for the ride and maybe a little slow in getting on board with His plans. Honestly, the day started off nicely with some good quiet time with the Lord and a little not too stressful office work. Late morning a teammate and I went out on an adventure to visit a neighboring village where there is a family who are very open to the gospel and are in great need. On our way there, in the middle of nowhere in the African bush we “just happened” to come across a motorcycle on the road. The motorcycle was being driven by the carpenter who is re-roofing my house and on the back was our former ambulance driver. We stopped and chatted and greeted in the “road”. I asked them where they had been and there was some reluctance in answering, but I was told they had taken a sick person who had been bitten by a snake to a neighboring village to see the “doctor”. I know there is no traditional doctor in this village, but I do know that many people’s first response when bitten by dangerous snakes here is to seek the care of what we might call a “witchdoctor” rather than traditional medicine. I asked how the patient was doing and they said better and then I let things go as I had my “plans” for the day.

I wish I could say that I continued praying for that person with the snake bite, but nope I continued on with my day as I had “planned” it. We had a wonderful visit with this family and we were able to share a little about God and to pray with them in the name of Jesus as well as help in some practical ways. And, on the way home we explored the African village roads and all in all had a fun morning.

After returning, it was time for a bite to eat and a quick nap and then I went to talk to a teammate about something I needed help with, yep that was my “plan”. Well, praise God this teammate had gone to the house of the man on the back of that motorcycle earlier in the day and found out that he was the patient and the one that had been bitten by the snake! After seeing the picture of the snake (already dead, praise God) I knew it was a “bad one” aka a deadly venomous snake and that he needed antivenom. However, after he had gone to the “witchdoctor” and thought he was cured it was not going to be easy to convince him to go to the hospital. So, I prayed and prayed about how to approach him and I showed up in the ambulance ready to go. Praise God I was able to get him one on one and explain to him how much we cared about him and how much God cared about him and how happy it would make me and his wife (who was doing a good job of nagging him) if he went with me to the hospital and got the antivenom. He agreed much more easily than I expected, God had truly paved the way and ordained for our paths to cross multiple times this day.

Off we went to the hospital and he received the antivenom about 7 hours after the bite and praise God he was protected during that time and he is doing well. This man has been open to hearing about Jesus, my prayer is that through this he would see God’s healing and how He ordained for our paths to cross several times during the day even when I tried to put my “plans” ahead of God’s. Most importantly, I pray TF receives the full healing that only comes through Christ.

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