Race time

For those that have known me for a while you may remember years ago, prior to living in West Africa I competed in running races and triathlons. I was never near the front and more than once came in dead last or even had to drop out. However, I kept on racing because I loved the pre-race excitement and jitters, the pushing through the hard times during the race, the camaraderie and the celebration at the end.

Every two weeks here in The Gambia I give myself an at home pedicure, honestly feet get gross here. Today, as I was choosing a fun color I was drawn to my racing color, hot pink. My signature race color was always hot pink and a critical component to any race was to have hot pink toenails.

Why the race prep, why the analogy when there are no physical races I will be participating in? This week our ministry has alot going on and I have a lot to do. The race ahead will be an endurance one and will likely be more spiritual and emotional than physical. So, I am writing this to ask for your prayers and encouragement especially over the next few days and weeks. And I hope you think of me and my hot pink toes!

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