Hard work

It is harvest time in The Gambia and that means that the normal daily work of the women of the village is multiplied greatly. Our clinic has been empty, my friends compounds are very quiet and visits are primarily with the older ladies and kids who can not do the farm work. Gambian women work hard and do a lot of manual labor just to get through each day. I thought y’all might enjoy this great video showing some of the work that Gambian women are expected to do daily, and right now they have these same expectations PLUS hand harvesting peanuts!

For more fun stories about life in The Gambia make sure to check out my blog posts from several years ago when I lived with a Gambian family entitled “Diaries of a Wimpy Tubaab” (I am the wimpy tubaab).

One thought on “Hard work

  1. Great video! She did a great job and  I feel like we only saw a small amount of daily life! That water on the head thing gets me each time. 

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