Medical Care

When you live in the middle of nowhere West Africa there are many things you learn to go without or those things at least look very different. One of those things is medical care, don’t worry I am not the patient.

Myself, my teammates and our Gambian staff can usually handle the medical needs of our team and our community. However, sometimes we do not have the tests, the medications or the care that someone needs. These situations are hard and involve lots of prayer.

Last month it was a teammate who I took across the river to be evaluated and ultimately we airlifted to Europe. Today, I am heading across the river early to meet a Gambian friend (like family) and take him to the clinic. We are praying for some answers and direction as his situation does not seem good.

I am thanking God for this beautiful sunrise He gave me on the ferry this am. Praise God my teammate continues to recover well, prayers appreciated for D.

Early am ferry ride and sunrise

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