God’s timing

My teammate and I arrived in Spain on this air ambulance yesterday. It was a great ride, never been in a leer jet before and it sure is the way to travel. As we chatted with the amazing flight doctor and paramedic (who also served us warm croissants) it started sinking in that 1.My teammate is leaving The Gambia 2.She is really sick. The majority of the flight was boring for the crew and us, praise God they did not have to use any of the hundreds of medicines they had or the fancy equipment. During the last 30 minutes as we started descending T’s heart was doing some extra beats and she was being monitored closely. Honestly, it was a relief that they placed the monitor so I could not see it and it was nice for a little while to just be her friend and not her medical provider.

As we drove to the hospital in ambulance #3 her heart started to have more extra beats and I was watching the monitor. The transfer went smoothly and an amazing friend of T dropped off a care package and SIM card to communicate. Then, I looked up from my phone right as the doctor came back in because her heart was racing and her blood pressure was way too high! I prayed and the doctor immediately was on top of it.

Within 1 hour of our arrival T had been seen by a cardiologist, had another ultrasound of her heart, was in the ICU being monitored very closely and was on lots of good medication to help her heart work more efficiently. Standing in the hall outside the ICU waiting for them to let me see her one more time before they kicked me out for the night was hard! I have been providing her care the last 10 days and all of a sudden she was even sicker and I could do nothing and could not even be with her. Of course, I was not doing nothing I was praying and my phone was blowing up with the prayers of many others.

I reluctantly left T last night, knowing she was in excellent hands and took a taxi to a friend of her’s house. I arrived to a comfy bed and chicken soup, what a special blessing. I did get some sleep, more than expected and I needed it.

Late this morning I was finally able to see T and I was much happier with her numbers and then things got busy. Her sister arrived from the US, we spoke to the cardiologist and she had two cardiac tests today, and she has spoken to the surgeon (I missed that). It is looking like she might have surgery here, she is receiving amazing care and God has truly gone before.

Tomorrow very early I head to the airport which just happens to be only 5 minutes from where I am staying. I will be spending 10 days resting, recovering, praying and preparing for the changes ahead in the ministry before I return to The Gambia.

2 thoughts on “God’s timing

  1. Alison, this is such amazing work you’re doing. Your commitment is truly an inspiration to me and an honor to our God. My prayers are faithfully lifted up for you and those you so generously serve. Through the seas there runs a road.

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