A deep breath

T continues to do well in the hospital in Spain. She has been able to be moved out of the ICU to a regular room where her sister can stay with her. And, she is off a lot of her medications including her oxygen!

This all started just 2 weeks ago with breathing difficulties. God moved mountains to get Oxygen for T in The Gambia (The store owner just happening to come to work at the exact time our teammates were there, even though the store was closed. Finding some oxygen tubing when he was sure he did not have any. A Gambian friend hearing our story of finding oxygen and offering up what she had for when we ran out. Being told the flight team did not have oxygen and then not only did they have it, but they met me on the side of the road on their way to the hotel to give it to us. Almost paying over $4,000 to buy an oxygen concentrator from the US for the flights and later finding out T’s sister has the exact same one we were going to purchase and she had already packed it to bring to Spain!)

I share all of this to thank God for stabilizing T’s heart and allowing her to take a nice deep breath off oxygen today and also to thank Him for allowing me to slow down and take a deep breath. The sun is shining brightly today in the UK and I am heading out for a nice long forest walk filled with lots of slow deep breaths.

T’s heart valve surgery is scheduled for Thursday in Spain. Pray for wisdom for the surgeons, healing for T and for God to be glorified through all of this.

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