God goes before us, prayers needed

The last week has been a whirlwind and I have yet to come up for breath. I am praising God as His hand has been so evident in all of the things that I saw as challenges and His desire has been so clearly revealed. I will share more details when things settle down, but I wanted to reach out and ask for all of you to pray for myself and my teammate T.

A week ago today, T was in the urban area and called me in the village complaining of severe shortness of breath and fatigue. When she returned to the village the next day, I was able to evaluate her medically and she was not doing well. I knew her heart was definitely part of the problem. God cleared the way for us to see the only cardiologist in the entire country the following day and get lots of tests done with some answers and some more questions. We were praying and hoping that we could stabilize her heart problems and then have her return to the US in a few months to be evaluated and undergo surgery, but God had other plans and He has been so faithful and present every step of the way.

Despite many medications and this HUGE tank of Oxygen she is not as stable as we would like and the hard decision was made to medically evacuate her on an air ambulance to Europe for stabilization. These last few days have been hard with lots of hours on the phone, lots of challenging decisions, little sleep and lots of emotions. Through it all, God has shown up in amazing ways and I hope to share many of those in my next newsletter.

We need your prayers for:

  1. T’s health
  2. Negative covid tests, we should have results tomorrow am
  3. The air ambulance to arrive Tuesday evening and for our departure Wednesday at 0930 Greenwich Mean Time.
  4. Our arrival in Europe and transfer to the hospital on Wednesday
  5. Myself for wisdom as I care for T and as I accompany her to Europe
  6. T’s sister who will meet us in Europe
  7. Myself as I take some time to rest, pray, process and recuperate from these extraordinary circumstances once I get T settled in Europe
  8. Our team as we navigate lots of changes and transitions

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