Travel Days

In the last 48 hours I have spent over 6 hours on a ferry boat and another 6 hours waiting at the terminal. Don’t forget the river crossing is only about 2 miles wide. And guess what, I get to cross the river again today (as you read this). However, I am definitely taking the bridge this time since I got word the ridiculously slow ferry I was on broke down completely a few hours after I was on it and had to be towed to port.

You might wonder why I am crossing the river so much? The short answer is here in The Gambia we are a team. A team who serves the Lord together, helps each other out and who care for each other. It is truly a pleasure to serve my teammates by helping with these travels. And, at least I am having some fun on the slow ferry rides. I paid someone to sing for all of us on the boat one ride and got into an interesting discussion of Senegal vs. The Gambia on the other trip and I will have some good conversations and quality time with my teammate today as she prepares for her US furlough.

Please pray for our team as we navigate transitions, illnesses and more.

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