Solid Foundations

This week a friend and her family have found themselves in seemingly impossible circumstances that would shake even the strongest of us and she is strong! She is grieving and hurting, but she is also trusting and standing on her sure foundation in Christ. As I have been praying for this family I am reminded of the solid and unshakeable (even in great storms) foundation that Jesus offers to all who come to Him, hear His words and receuve Him.

Several months ago a tornado hit our village, the devastation is widespread. Many Gambians are still struggling for a safe place to live. The houses here are mud or cement block and many are built without much of a foundation on sandy soil and they crumbled in the storm. Seeing these collapsed homes is a reminder of the need for my Gambian neighbors to have a strong foundation in Christ and that only with that will they have unshakeable strength and perseverance in trials.

Pray for my dear American friend in her very hard circumstances and for my Gambian neighbors that they would see the need for this strong foundation. And, look for my newsletter next week with more information about the tornado damage and how you can help. If you are not subscribed click here and enter your email in the second box to receive newsletters in your inbox.

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