Ups and downs, twists and turns

I have officially been back in The Gambia for over a month and it has been great to be back, but it has also been challenging and full of lots of ups, downs, twists, turns and moments when I am just hanging upside down and wondering what is next. The Lord does not promise us a smooth calm ride, actually Scripture promises that we will have trials. Life with the Lord is a lot more like a roller coaster than a slow and smooth sail on a calm, flat sea.

Since my return there have been a lot of practical challenges and many times I have thought we had the fix only to find the next day the fix did not work. I am trying to enjoy the ride, take the problems as they come, be patient and wait on the Lord. Honestly, some days I do ok at that and some days I fail miserably and let my circumstances dictate my attitude. So, enjoy the roller coaster ride and remember God is right there with you and it is ok to let out a little scream every once in a while.

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