Well, I have hit the ground running in The Gambia and although it is super busy it is wonderful to be back. My time has been full with re-connecting with my team and my Gambian friends, unpacking everything that was stored for the last year, troubleshooting my solar refrigerator and freezer (still not fixed properly), getting my house in order, and lots of meetings. One of the things that I realized quickly when I began serving overseas is that things are in a constant state of transition and team members are always coming and going. Right now, my teammate and I are in the process of a “Flip-Flop”. I just returned from furlough in the US and she will be leaving for furlough in the US soon, she is the field treasurer and has other duties that I will be taking over while she is gone. So, as we spent time reviewing all I am needing to take over we realized that I am the “Flip” to her “Flop”. Instead of looking at things and feeling a little overwhelmed with all that I am needing to take on, I am now smiling and thinking of flip-flop’s. Again, God gave me a beautiful reminder of perspective and attitude. So, enjoy your flip-flop life moments and/or your flip-flop shoes (I have those on right now too).

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