The Little Things

This picture reminds that God cares even about the little things.

If you have been following me for even a short while you probably know I love coffee. To be specific, I love steaming hot, strong, black coffee. Therefore, a good insulated travel mug is a necessity. This mug has served me very well and it had traveled long and far at my side. A year ago this mug made the trek across The Gambia river in my car and then hopped on several planes that ended in North Carolina. Six months ago, this mug hopped a plane from North Carolina to California AND it stayed there for several months as I forgot it in my Dad’s car. 3 months ago I reunited with this mug in California and it came on the return drive to North Carolina (via Ca, Or, Wa, Id, Mt, Co, Ks, Mo, Ky and Tn). And,2 weeks ago this mug hopped another plane back to The Gambia.

But, this mug does not fit snugly in my backpack and it falls out needing rescue regularly. In The Gambia airport I almost lost it for good when I dropped it at immigration. And then, we had a very eventful ride home from the airport including lots of moving of the backpack and jostling of the mug in and out of cars in the middle of rainstorms on a dark night. So, when I awoke my first morning in The Gambia I was not surprised to find my mug missing in action. I was certain I had left it in the dark of the broken down taxi in the middle of the car changes. I honestly was at peace about losing it, but I did miss it.

And then, almost 2 weeks later as my teammates and I were recapping our adventurous drive home from the airport (if you want a good re-cap of those adventures take a listen to this podcast my teammate who was driving made, the story starts at the 16 minute mark: Listen to “A Call From Africa” by David Talley ) I mentioned that my mug had gone missing and they replied “oh, we have it!” What???? I was shocked and had never considered even for a second that this mug that honestly is nothing super special would ever come back to me. I guess the Lord wanted to show me He cares for me even in the littlest of things. So, as I type this the mug is full of strong, black, steaming hot coffee and I am heading to church with my team and will give the Lord a little extra thanks for how much He cares for me.

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