Divine Appointments

God is always trying to get our attention and working behind the scenes in many ways that we don’t see. One of the privileges of living in The Gambia is that because of my weakness and complete inability I see God move in amazing ways. I have been at my home in the village less than a week and I have been reminded of this over and over. I am so thankful for the divine appointments, conversations, opportunities to pray in the name of Jesus, opportunities to share gospel truths and opportunities to spend more time with Him and seek Him in a deeper and more dependent way. However, not all divine appointments are easy or pleasant and some can be painful or even a little scary.

A few nights ago our new teammates the R family had the privilege of one of these divine appointments. At 4 am a bat decided to fly all over their house and was enjoying his new found home so much he really did not want to leave. After some very impressive and quick foot and hand work the husband was able to capture him and release the bat OUTSIDE which is a much better home for him. As we met for church the next morning, I chuckled when they shared this story because I have had many similar encounters. And then, I was reminded as the wife prayed about the blessings in these moments. She prayed “God, thank you for the divine appointment of the bat early this morning because that meant I was up early and got to spend more time with you”. It might be hard to thank him for the bats flying around our houses at 4am, but to have that gift of time with God is such a blessing. May you all see God and His appointments in a new fresh way today, even if it involves some icky critter.

One thought on “Divine Appointments

  1. Good morning, Friend! Thank you for the reminder to watch for those “divine appointments”! I know I miss them often to my loss! ~ It’s so good to hear from you! I wasn’t sure if your cell service had been restored or not! Have been praying for you and that your things will arrive in a timely manner and all in one piece!! ~ Bill is flying to Brownsville, TX on Saturday to speak at a church conference. He’ll fly home on Wednesday! Pray for him if you think of it! ~ We’re getting much needed rain so I’m on our porch spending “much needed” time with the Lord! ~ You probably know that the Meatyards are home for a while and are staying in “your house”!!! 😀 Karen said you left it immaculate (of course)!!! You are missed but I know you are where you are supposed to be! Just know that you are loved and prayed for!!! 🌸💕🌸

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