If you know me at all, you know that construction and I are NOT a good combination! The good news is that I am not the one that is actually pounding the nails, sawing the boards, screwing the screws, welding the iron, mixing the cement, or mortaring the bricks. My construction role is looking at the spreadsheets, trying to get quotes (Africans do not like to actually give you a price for things and they love to say “pay me however much you want”), looking at budgets and fundraisers, supervising labor and much more. I definitely did not realize this was in my “job description” as a medical missionary when I signed up. However, I quickly learned that when you have a small team it is all hands on deck and I praise God for how He stretches me, how He gave me these administrative skill sets and that He is in control of all the logistics. This week has been spent in meetings, behind computers and strengthening relationships while looking for opportunities to pray and share the good news. I am grateful for the many open doors (some of them literal wide open doors or roofs thanks to the tornado damage) these projects provide and the opportunity to provide for our Gambian neighbors in time of great need.

I know I teased in my last blog that a newsletter would be coming with more information and I am hoping to get that out in the next few weeks so keep a lookout for ways you can help with Tornado relief. If you don’t get my newsletters in your email click here and enter your email in the second box.

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