I don’t know who invented plastic storage bins, but they are a missionaries best friend! I have bins in storage at my home in The Gambia, in storage here in North Carolina, in my car and right now I am pretty much living out of bins. Anyone else have a spreadsheet for where their clothing and other stuff is???

Yes, it is major crunch time for packing and I would appreciate your prayers as I try to get everything into suitcases to go to The Gambia and bins to remain here. The mission home has been a huge blessing and will be hard to say “see you later” to, but this furlough season is coming to an end. My family, friends and church family are even harder to say “see you later” to, but I am looking forward to my next term in The Gambia and the many greetings and waxtaans (chats) with my Gambian neighbors. For those at West Cabarrus Church I will be there on August 22nd for both services to say thank you and see you later, hope to see you there.

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