Weird Missionary Conversations

Several times while enjoying my time in the US myself or others around me have been struck by some of the weird, unique, different, surprising things that missionaries say. One of the first critical lessons to learn on the mission field is to laugh at yourself and roll with it when others laugh at you. So, hopefully I have brought you some laughs with my missionary-isms like:

-“Don’t throw the toilet paper in the trash, you can flush it” in The Gambia we can flush our TP, but in Mexico, Nicaragua and other places the used TP goes in the bin next to the toilet. So, when missionary friends (pictured) from Mexico were visiting recently this was a comment made to their children and I completely understood it.

-“Just pull up the pickup truck and get my body if I die” well, this is what they do in the Gambia so I did not think anything strange about it when I shared this with my neighbor in the US. In hindsight I guess it was strange and I think illegal.

-“Feed it to the goats.” Nope, most of you in the US don’t have goats. However, in The Gambia they are everywhere and all the leftovers and wet trash goes straight to them. They really are great garbage disposals (we don’t have any of those machines).

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