Anyone see a problem in this picture? What if I tell you this is the main cellular tower for our village and this was our source of all cell phone service and internet? Last month there was a large and devastating windstorm in our village causing damage to many properties, injuries and deaths. Please pray for our team as we navigate repairs and decisions as well as the residents of Ndungu Kebbeh as they try to make repairs in the middle of rainy season.

Many of you who have been following my adventures in The Gambia have heard about our poor internet situation. Several years ago it greatly improved, but now as a result of the damage we are back to super slow and very limited internet. When I say slow, I mean it can take several days to send a plain old email without any attachments and to get it to send may involve driving around trying to find a place with a better connection. I will know more when I return and get settled into my home in the village, but for now I wanted to ask for your prayers and let all of you know that communication may be spotty for a while. I will keep you updated on my travels from the urban area, but after that I will have to wait and see.

I appreciate your prayers for my covid tests on Aug. 28th and 31st and for my travels on Aug. 30th and 31st as well as for my last few days of packing and hopefully some rest.

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