Saying Yes

Over the last several weeks God has provided many opportunities for me to connect with ministry partners and share with many new people about not only the Lord’s work in The Gambia, but also my journey with the Lord and to serving Him overseas. Throughout these great conversations one theme resonates, “Just Say YES!

My sending church has also been in a series on the parables of Jesus and I have been repeatedly reminded that God has a great treasure for all of us on this earth and in heaven. However, God will ask us to give up things for His greatest treasure and we have to say YES to receiving His treasure. What would you give up for Christ, the greatest treasure of all?

My journey to the mission field was a long process (12 years) of waiting, praying and preparing. Throughout this journey there were countless times that I just had to say YES to what God was asking. His hand was so evident in the process that most of the time it was easy because I knew this was all His plan and His journey. There were some things that were more difficult to let go of and say YES to, but He truly gave me a supernatural peace and joy in each of those challenges. God has an individual call and purpose for all of us and what He asks you to say YES to is likely very different than my journey but just as critical in His mission.

What are you going to say YES to today, what opportunity or blessing does God have around the corner waiting for you? The Wolof word for YES is “waaw” (pronounced like wow) and this morning as I am writing and praying about YES, all I can say is WOW (yes) God, you are so good!

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